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14 butterflies (2 of each species), represent the seven chakra points on the body, and rise from a base covered in iridescent crystals.


The piece measures 15" tall and 10" wide and deep.

Handblown glass dome rests on wooden base but is not afixed.

Chakra Butterflies on Crystal Base - 15" Centerpiece

  • Once this piece has arrived at its destination it has the potential to last indefinitely. Please keep your piece out of the sun and away from moisture and humidity. Dust carefully as needed. Spot cleaning figure prints can be done gently with dry cloth. A spot of cleaner on a cloth and then gently applied to the glass should remove any stubborn smudges. Should any fogging appear on the inside of your dome, this is due to humidity and will not damgage your piece. Carefully remove the glass dome, wipe out the inside with a dry cloth, and replace dome on base. 

Bring Nature Home.

To shop my smaller pieces online please visit my  Etsy store. 

Want to see these creations in real life?


We do a few concentrated popup markets a year where you an buy these sculptures in person!  Follow us on Instagram for dates and locations of our upcoming popup markets. 

Photo by: Izzy Hudgins Photography

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